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The Christian's Guide to No Contact: How to End Your Relationships With Narcissistic, Psychopathic, and Abusive Family and Friends, and Still be a Goo (Paperback)

The Christian's Guide to No Contact: How to End Your Relationships With Narcissistic, Psychopathic, and Abusive Family and Friends, and Still be a Goo By Sister Renee Pittelli Cover Image
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Does God really expect us to put up with a lifetime of abuse from the bullies, liars, manipulators, abusers and users we know, just because we were born into a toxic family or were deceived into befriending a narcissist who hid his true self from us at first?Christians often feel stuck in abusive relationships with narcissistic or psychopathic friends or family, either haunted by guilt or plagued by Holier-Than-Thous who think they have the right to judge us for finally getting away and staying away. In this book, you will learn about going No Contact from a biblical perspective. You will find effective, step-by-step strategies for deciding when it's time to go No Contact, how to go No Contact, how to stay No Contact, how to deal with estranged friends and relatives, their Flying Monkeys, and even strangers who have the nerve to criticize you for going No Contact, how to resist attempts to Hoover you back in, and how to begin recovering from the loss of your relationship and healing from your abuse. Loaded with scriptural references that will support you and may even surprise you, The Christian's Guide to No Contact will teach you that the Lord does not want his children to be in bondage to the wicked, and will help you to end unhealthy friendships and family relationships while staying true to what the Bible teaches. You will find everything a Christian needs to know about No Contact in one enlightening and accessible resource.

About the Author

Award-winning author Sister Renee Pittelli is an Adult Child Recovery Mentor, victim's advocate, and the founder and director of Luke 17:3 Ministries for adult children of abusive, controlling, or abandoning birth-families. She is a proponent of No-Contact when dealing with narcissists, sociopaths, and abusers. Sister Renee is the product of an abusive childhood and abusive family relationships that lasted long into her adulthood. At the age of 47, the Lord set her free, when she was disowned by her abusive family for setting limits on their behavior. Since then, God has blessed Sister Renee with healing and peace, and has led her to help thousands of people with her testimony and experiences. After many years studying the scriptures and narcissistic abuse, as well as learning from many sources through her website, blogs, and as a group moderator, she has accumulated a wealth of knowledge in this field. She has been blessed with a gift for finding, and passing on to her readers, Bible verses that deal with abuse and how to handle it. The Lord has led Sister Renee to serve as a consultant to therapists, psychiatrists, ministers, and other professionals in the field of narcissistic abuse and to share her substantial knowledge and insights with them. She has written extensively about family abusers, narcissists, psychopaths, bullies and their Flying Monkeys, the dilemmas unique to abusive family systems, the biblical perspective on abuse, setting and enforcing boundaries, godly confrontation, the myths of forgiveness without repentance and honoring abusive parents, cutting ties with reprobate friends and relatives, church and spiritual abuse, No Contact, and living the life of freedom, peace and joy that our heavenly Father intended for us. Sister Renee is a happily married mother of two adult sons and a grandmother. She loves family and friend time, animals, old-time gospel music, oldies and blues, sitting on the porch, playing the piano, reading and studying, cooking, being with her church family, and spending time with the Lord.
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ISBN: 9781546336662
ISBN-10: 1546336664
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: June 19th, 2017
Pages: 218
Language: English