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A Falling-Off Place: The Transformation of Lower Manhattan (Hardcover)

A Falling-Off Place: The Transformation of Lower Manhattan By Barbara G. Mensch, Dan Barry (Foreword by) Cover Image
By Barbara G. Mensch, Dan Barry (Foreword by)
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Photographer Barbara Mensch's rediscovered photo archives and interview tapes capture symbolic transformations of Lower Manhattan.

Many of the images are published here for the first time. The photographs evoke the passage of time by dividing the images into three parts: the 1980s, 1990s, and the new millennium (2000 and beyond). The photographer shares with the viewer:

"I would shoot ruins of buildings, the demolition of famous waterfront saloons, ancient alleyways, and in some cases, 19th-century buildings destroyed by mysterious fires. There were images of floods and other calamities/ catastrophes in lower Manhattan, culminating with 9/11.

These photos captured what had been, what no longer exists. They served as my visual timeline. What did the passage of the many decades reveal to me? What dynamics were in my images of the same streets I repeatedly walked for years?"

Her images from the Fulton Fish Market in the 1980s document the generations of immigrants and their children pursuing a gritty American Dream next to the Brooklyn Bridge.

Photos from the 1990s present images of floods and fires that paralyzed the area juxtaposed with continued bulldozing to clear the way for luxury housing. Politics reshaped Manhattan's skyline by encouraging new commercial shopping, food, and restaurant destinations. This restructuring marked the beginning of the end of Downtown's blue-collar origins and white-collar replacement, challenging us to ask, "What was lost?"

In the 2000s, the seminal event: September 11th, reinforced Downtown's rebirth as the global economic engine with no room for the past. Also included in this section is an interview with an insider privy to the mafia leadership of the Fulton Fish Market during Giuliani's opportunistic crusade against them in the 1980s.

Dan Barry, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, offers a poetic and insightful tribute to the artist and photographer.

*Definitions: falling off suggests a decline in quality or quantity, falling off suggests the passage of time or changes over time, falling off suggests a detachment, an alternative path to a questionable destination, falling off suggests a separation, falling off suggests something that comes to pass.
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ISBN: 9781531504397
ISBN-10: 1531504396
Publisher: Fordham University Press
Publication Date: September 5th, 2023
Pages: 116
Language: English