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Dynasty Divided: A Family History of Russian and Ukrainian Nationalism (Paperback)

Dynasty Divided: A Family History of Russian and Ukrainian Nationalism By Fabian Baumann Cover Image
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Dynasty Divided uses the story of a prominent Kievan family of journalists, scholars, and politicians to analyze the emergence of rivaling nationalisms in nineteenth-century Ukraine, the most pivotal borderland of the Russian Empire. The Shul'gins identified as Russians and defended the tsarist autocracy; the Shul'hyns identified as Ukrainians and supported peasant-oriented socialism. Fabian Baumann shows how these men and women consciously chose a political position and only then began their self-fashioning as members of a national community, defying the notion of nationalism as a direct consequence of ethnicity.

Baumann asks what made individuals into determined nationalists in the first place, revealing the close link to private lives, including intimate family dramas and scandals. He looks at how nationalism emerged from domestic spaces, and how women played an important (if often invisible) role in fin-de-si cle politics. Dynasty Divided explains how nineteenth-century Kievans cultivated their national self-images and how, by the twentieth century, Ukraine steered away from Russia. The two branches of this family of Russian nationalists and Ukrainian nationalists epitomize the struggles for modern Ukraine.

About the Author

Fabian Baumann is a research associate at the University of Heidelberg.
Product Details
ISBN: 9781501770937
ISBN-10: 1501770934
Publisher: Northern Illinois University Press
Publication Date: August 15th, 2023
Pages: 348
Language: English