Dust in the Wind (Paperback)

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It's the year 2037 and the world has been thrust into Global Cooling which results in less plant growth, less algae growth and oxygen levels are depleting. Scientists predict that by 2080 habitability of earth is questionable. The UN backs funding for 2 projects: Xavier and Helios. Xavier will be sent to Mars to seismically map out a 25 mile diameter circle near the Martian Polar Ice Caps. It will return soil samples and the seismic mapping data to earth. Project Helios will use Xavier's data to build a "contact lens" type enclosure on Mars as the first earth Outpost, Terra 2. The soil samples contain something which will alter mankind's history. This alternate dystopian history has interesting plots, characters and moves quickly. Patterned after James Patterson's short chapters and Stephen King's story telling, the reader will be taken on a ride with twists and turns.
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ISBN: 9781492763949
ISBN-10: 1492763942
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: September 29th, 2013
Pages: 404
Language: English