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Winning Workouts For Competitive Cheerleaders: Stunt Bigger, Fly Higher and Reduce Injuries In 15 Minutes (Paperback)

Winning Workouts For Competitive Cheerleaders: Stunt Bigger, Fly Higher and Reduce Injuries In 15 Minutes Cover Image
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This book is your essential guide to training for competitive cheerleaders. Immediately make improvements in your strength, power and conditioning so you can dominate your competition. You will learn how to become incredibly strong and explosive, resulting in improved stunting and tumbling by training the real world strength required for competitive cheerleading without long, boring workouts. The exercises can be easily plugged into your current practices and you can get started immediately. You might think you have to spend a ton of time in the gym. Actually, you can cut down you training time with the highly effective exercises in this program. You will be able to get in, get out and see results. Here's a sample of what's inside: How to increase jump height by 16.2%. Why one warm-up mistake maybe reducing your jumping power by 19% for over 90 minutes. Create the ability to jump 50% quicker. Imagine higher faster, toe touches and flips. Develop aggressive speed and unrelenting explosiveness with one simple training method and take your stunts to an entirely different level. How to reduce the five most common cheerleading injuries, stay pain free and ready to perform. Learn the most dangerous time of practice and how to avoid this danger zone. Save time and your athletes. Boost competitive spirit and drive with one simple to implement training method. Over 100 pictures and demos of the exact way to perform the drills to enhance your effectiveness Accurately track your progress with workout sheets. Six 12 Week Training programs with the exact sets, reps, and rest to maximize your performance. Take the guess work out of your workouts. Learn the best time to condition for cheerleading. Save time and boost endurance with this one change to practice And much more... So Who Am I and Why Should Listen to Me? My name is Alton Skinner and I am a strength coach and a performance nutritionist for over 20 years. Why should you listen to me? I have trained elite athletes from virtually every sport. I have provided training and equipment for Fortune 500 companies, multiple NCAA national championship programs, tri-athletes, and ultra runners. But the main reason you should listen to me is that I am a cheer dad and former high school coach. I know what it's like to try to fit everything that goes into developing a cheerleader to their full potential while balancing the needs of the program, team, and family on a tight schedule and budget. I have seen the haphazard thrown together practices, I have been scared nearly to death watching my child fall. I have iced the bruise and comforted the tears of pain and disappointment from injury and losing. However, I have also seen the excitement of mastering a new tumbling pass, the joy of hitting that perfect stunt perfectly for the first and I have seen the tears of joy of winning a competition. I believe every coach, every parent and every athlete should have access to the best tools and information to help them reach their goals faster and safer. I have watched thousands of hours of competition and practices ranging from young cheerleaders just learning to the Kentucky Wildcats winning programs. I have analyzed them from a sports science and artistic view in an attempt to find the best methods perform better faster. I have read and seen most of the products available for increasing the strength, flexibility and endurance of cheerleaders and to be honest, most of them are just terrible. They either don't work or if they do the program is either too long and/or too complicated to be consistently followed in the real world. I created this system to help you hit the ground running and make the quickest, safest and most explosive improvements you and your team have ever experienced. There is no fluff, just a straight to the point easy to follow program that any cheerleader, coach or parent can use. I know I use some form of this of this program with my own daughter nearly everyday.

About the Author

I am a strength and conditioning coach that strongly feels that cheer leading should be treated as a sport. Cheerleaders are athletes and should have access to the same tools, resources, and training opportunities as other elite athletes. I strive be a trusted information source for athletes, parents, coaches and gym owners on high performance conditioning for competitive high school, middle school, college cheerleaders, all star cheerleaders and competitive dance teams. My philosophy is cheerleaders are athletes, better athletes mean a better team.
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ISBN: 9781470119133
ISBN-10: 1470119137
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: April 13th, 2012
Pages: 234
Language: English