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Red, White, and Blood (Nathaniel Cade Novels (Audio)) (Compact Disc)

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Red, White, and Blood (Nathaniel Cade Novels (Audio)) Cover Image
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The president's "chillingly charismatic" (USA Today) vampire and his White House handler take on an immortal serial killer wreaking havoc on the 2012 campaign trail.

The presidential campaign trail, 2012.

A political operative and a volunteer are brutally murdered while in a compromising position. Written in their blood on the wall of the crime scene: It's Nice to Be Back.

And with that, a centuries-old horror returns to taunt Nathaniel Cade, the president's vampire.

Turned into an inhuman predator 145 years ago and bound by blood oath to serve the president, Cade protects the United States from the supernatural enemies that lurk in the dark, waiting for their chance to extinguish humanity.

In all that time, Cade has fought one particular evil over and over again: an undying murderer with origins deeply tangled in the occult; the source of urban legends and nightmares across the country; the patron saint of serial killers like Son of Sam, the Zodiac Killer, and Charles Manson. It has gone by many names and guises but is best known by the one that all children instinctively fear: the Boogeyman. Cade has faced the Boogeyman everywhere, from the alleys of nineteenth century New Orleans to Lake Havasu during spring break. Only one thing remains the same: no matter how Cade kills him, the Boogeyman always comes back.

When the killer begins targeting the president's people on the campaign trail, Cade and his human handler, Zach Barrows, are tasked with cleaning up the mess before it spills over into the upcoming election. But as the bodies pile up, they find their quarry has evolved. Worse, he has help from new worshippers and an enemy thought dead: Helen Holt, the rogue intelligence operative who nearly killed Zach and Cade on their first case together.

Against the backdrop of the 2012 presidential race, with the threat of constant exposure by the media, Cade and Zach must stop the one monster Cade has never been able to defeat completely. And they must do it before the Boogeyman adds another victim to his long and bloody list: the president of the United States himself.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781455154739
ISBN-10: 1455154733
Publisher: Blackstone Audiobooks
Publication Date: April 26th, 2012
Language: English
Series: Nathaniel Cade Novels (Audio)