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To Render a Raven (Paperback)

To Render a Raven By W. L. Hawkin Cover Image
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"Estrada flexed his bicep and stared at his latest tattoo. Corvus Corax. The raven's back broke into a flurry of feathers and deranged birds to remind him how he'd split the terror asunder with the sheer force of his right arm. He could still feel the damp steel, the hot blood, the hollow pit of his pulsing gut as he struck. The creature held a bloody rose in its beak so he'd never forget how close he'd come . . ."

Estrada is High Priest of Hollystone Coven, a shaman and magician. But is he a match for a vengeful vampire? When Diego steals his daughter from her crib on the eve of her first birthday, the Hollystone witches converge. The same night, a woman is murdered and another abducted. All three scenes are marked by roses that point to Michael Stryker, Estrada's lover and best friend, a man with a strange dark "virus" brewing inside him. As the witches journey up the Pacific coast, emotions run raw as the close confines of a yacht heighten the tension between his jealous lovers. And then they meet the ravens . . .

Diego wants blood. Estrada wants his baby back. What will the high priest sacrifice to bring his daughter home?A sexy Hitchcockian thriller that demystifies Vampire and illustrates the power of Love.

Product Details
ISBN: 9780995018464
ISBN-10: 0995018464
Publisher: Blue Haven Press
Publication Date: December 21st, 2018
Pages: 306
Language: English