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Frankly, My Detective (Paperback)

Frankly, My Detective Cover Image
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You can bet your bottom cannoli that when detective Scarlett O'Hara Butler Jane Eyre Salerno is on the case, nothing goes undetected She's a little pushy, a little tushy, and has the annoying habit of ending some conversations with a famous movie quote. What's not to love? Frankly, My Detective introduces us to Scarlett, or rather, she introduces herself: Life seems entirely different when you find yourself dangling from your seat belt because your car is upside down. So, begins the adventure as Scarlett is hot on the trail of the bad guys who are perpetrating bad-guy stuff in San Diego. What exactly is going on in that heavily guarded big yellow house? And exactly why is Scarlett hiding her client with her extremely Italian mother who insists that her daughter and every visitor she brings to her house is too skinny and in need of pasta therapy? Join Scarlett through this thoroughly entertaining romp as she takes down villains and makes waves, appeases her "here-have-another-cannoli" mother and frustrates Clifford, the cop who has to solve the crime before Scarlett does if he wants to keep his job. AND she'll be back This could be the start of a beautiful relationship.

About the Author

Mary L. Keeley was born in New Orleans, but has lived in San Diego, California since early childhood. Her lifelong love of books began when her big sister, Pat, taught her to read at a very young age. In fact, she has no memory of not being able to read. The love of motion pictures came also at a young age, as soon as she was judged old enough to walk to the neighborhood Crest Theater on University Avenue in East San Diego. Frankly, My Detective is her first published novel.
Product Details
ISBN: 9780982909454
ISBN-10: 0982909454
Publisher: Word with You Press
Publication Date: December 9th, 2017
Pages: 114
Language: English