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Revenge of the Gypsy Queen (Tracy Eaton Mysteries #1) (Paperback)

Revenge of the Gypsy Queen (Tracy Eaton Mysteries #1) Cover Image
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Book 1 in the "Tracy Eaton Mystery Series" -- Meet Tracy Eaton, mystery writer, detective wannabe, and the offspring of reality-challenged Hollywood stars. Trouble always knows how to find Tracy, but she never expects it to pop up at her sister-in-law's wedding - until the bride is kidnapped. When her snooty in-laws would rather meet the bizarre ransom demand than call the police, Tracy knows if justice is to prevail, it will definitely need her help. But the whole Eaton clan begins behaving suspiciously. The groom takes to riding around in a gangster's bulletproof limo...the bride's loveable con man uncle disappears under mysterious circumstances...there are also strange doings at the engaged couple's trendy restaurant, The Gypsy Princess, which the world's richest man is obsessed to own. Even the family legend of the evil Gypsy queen comes under Tracy's scrutiny - is it the childhood fable her sister-in-law claimed it to be, or a dark prediction of things to come? It will take all of Tracy's innate noisiness and wacky crime-fighting approach to get to the truth. But not even she could have predicted the curious path her debut case would take, or that she'd become the keeper of the Eaton family's most closely guarded secret.
Product Details
ISBN: 9780979969430
ISBN-10: 0979969433
Publisher: Cherokee McGhee
Publication Date: June 10th, 2009
Pages: 225
Language: English
Series: Tracy Eaton Mysteries (Paperback)