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Immortal Architects (The Interminables #2) (Mass Market)

Immortal Architects (The Interminables #2) Cover Image
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This is book number 2 in the The Interminables series.


A thrilling futuristic thriller of ancient superheroes, sequel to Paige’s rich magical debut, The Interminables 
Edmund Templeton, a time-manipulating sorcerer, and Istvan Czernin, the deathless spirit of WWI, are the most powerful agents of the magical cabal now ruling the US East Coast. Their struggle to establish a new order in the wake of magical catastrophe is under siege: cults flourish and  armies clash on their borders. Perhaps worst of all the meteoric rise of a technological fortress-state threatens their efforts to keep the peace.
As if that weren't enough, a desperate call has come in from the west. A superstorm capable of tearing rock from mountains is on its way, and it acting unlike any storm ever seen before. Who better to investigate than two old friends with the sudden need to prove themselves?

File Under: Science Fiction [ Borrowed Time | Esprit de Corpse | Fight for Peace | Wizard and Warlord ]

About the Author

Paige Orwin is a fiction writer and lover of history, superheroes, diverse perspectives, and robots. She was born in Utah, although he now lives in Washington state. Paige began writing The Interminables when her favourite video game, City of Heroes, was shut down in late 2012.

Author hometown:
Washington, USA

Praise For…

“I can’t state strongly enough that this is superb writing.”
– Online Eccentric Librarian

“I can’t imagine anyone who enjoys epic fantasy worlds not loving this fascinating piece of dystopian fiction.”
– Word Gurgle

“Delightfully, it is just as weird, wonderful and beautiful a story as the first.”
– Blogendorff

“This story has a lot going for it which I’m sure will be an instant hit for fans of Jim Butcher and Cassandra Clare.”
– Splattergeist

“Inventive and imaginative.”
– Edge Cases

“Too good for words!”
– Atypical Femme (YouTube)

“The dynamic between the two main characters is absolutely stunning. And heartbreaking and moving and just…gorgeous... I just love her writing. Absolutely stunning and very realistic.”
– Writer Ravings

Praise for The Interminables

“A wild debut about Time and War teaming up to battle the evils of eternal peace. By the time you’re done you won’t fear the reaper; you’ll want to wrap his lonely, cross-stitch obsessed self up in a hug and never let go.”
– Alis Franklin, author of Liesmith

“Vivid worldbuilding of a fascinating alternate Earth, peppered with touches of whimsy. This is a promising debut!”
– Emmie Mears, author of the Alaya Storm series

“It will reward you with a world of wonders and horrors, alongside a tale of a deep and desperate friendships.”
– SFX: The Sci-Fi and Fantasy Magazine

The Interminables is the type of book that Angry Robot was made for.”
– Strange Alliances

“It will reward you with a world of wonders and horrors, alongside a tale of deep and desperate friendship: a thief and a war, trying to save as many lives and they can.”
– SFX magazine

“An interesting and unique read.”
– Vampire Book Club

“A dark, depressive, but beautifully imagined urban fantasy/alternate universe. Perhaps one of the most interesting, intriguing, and rich books I’ve read this year.”
– Online Eccentric Librarian

“Magic in the modern world is always a fun trope.”
– The Verge, best SFF books to check out in July

“So fucking good.”
– The State of Blogendorff

The Interminables by Paige Orwin is a unique, sometimes challenging read that really grabbed my attention.”
– Looking For a Good Book

The Interminables is a type of science fiction/fantasy that I love. It doesn’t dwell too much on the how’s of the situation, but jumps head first to the what’s, who’s, and why’s of the story.”
– The Help Desk

Product Details
ISBN: 9780857665942
ISBN-10: 0857665944
Publisher: Angry Robot
Publication Date: September 5th, 2017
Pages: 480
Language: English
Series: The Interminables