Customer Orders

Mysterious Galaxy is committed to offering readers the best selection in the galaxy on our shelves of new “books of Martians, Murder, Magic and Mayhem.” However, like you, we read many non-genre books as well, including books that appear on the Southern California Independent Booksellers Association Bestseller list, books that get coverage on NPR, in periodicals, on television talk shows, etc. We will happily place a customer order for any title available from our usual distributors. At this time we do not offer an out-of-print search service.

You may place an order through the shopping cart function here on our web site, email us at or call the store at 858.268.4747 (800.811.4747 for out of San Diego County orders).


Understanding our Terminology

(What do "Available for Immediate Download", "Customer Order", "Not Yet Published", "Usually Ships in 1-5 days", "Coming Soon", "On Our Shelves Now", and "Out of Print" mean?)

On Our Shelves Now
"On Our Shelves Now" means the title is available at our store locations and is available for immediate pickup or shipping. However any special instructions on an order, such as gift wrapping or international shipping, could delay the order.

Usually Ships in 1-5 days
"Usually Ships in 1-5 days" means the title is easily available through either our store or our national warehouses. It might not be in our store inventory, but we can obtain it quickly. Any special instructions on an order, such as gift wrapping or international shipping, could further delay the order.

Customer Order
"Customer order" refers to a book that may not be readily available for shipping. While some of these books might be hard to find, others are more easily obtained. Due to a quirk in our inventory system, sometimes books with a publication date within a month, but listed as publishing on the first of the month, will show this status.  In some instances, it may take us longer to locate this book for you than it would for a standard order, and the price is subject to change. We will contact you about the status of any customer order you place with us.

Not Yet Published
"Not yet published" means a book has not yet been printed. Books often have a publication date that may be a few months in advance of a first printing. However, you can place advance orders for many not-yet-published titles.

Coming Soon
"Coming Soon" means the title's publication date falls within the next 10 weeks. You can pre-order any Coming Soon title and we will send it to you when it's released.

Available for Immediate Download
"Available for Immediate Download" refers to an ebook that is readily available for immediate download to your computer or various reading devices. The format you choose depends on the type of reader that you have.

Out of Print
"Out of print" means the publisher that owns the rights to the book is no longer actively printing copies of the book. Typically, these books are not stocked in our store or in our warehouse, and will be more difficult to find. The price for out of print books is subject to change.