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Speaking Plainly (November 15)

Last week in this space, we wrote an editorial that we thought was a little "in your face."  When we talked to a number of people about it, we found out that perhaps we had not been direct enough in our comments. So, this week we will speak even more plainly.


The reality of independent bookstores in general and ours specifically is that it takes a great deal of work to build and and maintain a community center that focuses on author and book events. We know that many of you know this and show your appreciation by spending your time and much of your book budget with us despite the fact that you can find some of the very same books at lower prices at competing retailers.


Conversely, we also know that many of you attend our author events and buy "priceless" signed books from us at cover price. These are not books or experiences you can purchase from online retailers at any price.


In providing a community center and a place where you can meet your favorite (or new) authors, we believe we have created something of value.


But make no mistake. If you do not support us by voting with your wallet, we will not be here to provide these services, a book selection you can see and touch, and a knowledgeable and enthusiastic staff who love books as much as you do. It is no longer enough to love this business (which we surely do), we must also be able to be financially viable to stay a part of your community. Clear enough?


On another note, we have some very exciting news! Along with many other independent booksellers across the country, we have Kobo eReaders for sale in our stores beginning this week. Come in, give them a try, consider them for your holiday gift giving, and then buy eBooks from us on our website. You can read more about Kobos in this email. Buying eBooks and eReaders from us is another way you can keep us viable in your community.



We do welcome your feedback and comments. Come in and talk to us ... and buy a book when you are in.

The Mysterious Galaxy Staff

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