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Holiday Party in Redondo Beach

Event date: 
Sunday, December 8, 2013 - 3:00pm to 5:00pm

Jeffrey Siger 

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James W. Ziskin 

Brian Anthony 

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Gini Koch

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Kristen Elise, Ph.D

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Bill Walker



Darrell James  


Zoe Archer 

Sue Ann Jaffarian




Mysterious Galaxy in Redondo Beach is pleased to offer visions of sugarplums and stocking stuffers at our Eat! Read! Party! Holiday Event on Sunday, December 8. Readers can mingle with a group of authors whose works meet a variety of genre (and gift giving opportunity) needs. Staff will be on-hand to make recommendations of books and creative gift items. Light holiday refreshments will be served, and most attendees will leave with a gift, including some great book selections from the 2013 Fantastic Firsts program!


Spotlighted authors' titles are below:


Due to unforeseen circumstances, Sarah Maas will not be able to party with us.

Mykonos After Midnight (Chief Inspector Andreas Kaldis Mysteries #5) Cover Image
Unavailable to Order
ISBN: 9781464201813
Availability: Special Order
Published: Poisoned Pen Press - September 3rd, 2013

Mykonos holds tight to its past even as it transforms from an obscure, impoverished Aegean island into a tourist mecca and summertime playground for the world's rich, a process making the Mykonian people some of the wealthiest in Greece. Yes, the old guard is still a force to be reckoned with despite the new money.
One of them, a legendary nightclub owner, has been found savagely bludgeoned in his home. All evidence points to obvious thugs. Yet the murder has put long hidden, politically explosive secrets in play and drawn a dangerous foreign investor to the island paradise. Andreas Kaldis, feared head of Greece's special crimes division, is certain there's a far more complex solution to the murder than robbery, and he vows to find it.
His quest for answers cuts straight into the entrenched cultural contradictions that give Mykonos so much of its magic and soon has him battling ruthless opportunists preying on his country's weakened financial condition. Kaldis learns there is a high, unexpected price to pay for his curiosity as he becomes locked in a war with a powerful, clandestine international force willing to do whatever it takes to change and wrest control of Mykonos, no matter the collateral damage. Such is global crime. And the need for a wily hero to stand against it.

Styx & Stone: An Ellie Stone Mystery (Ellie Stone Mysteries #1) Cover Image
Unavailable to Order
ISBN: 9781616148195
Availability: Special Order
Published: Seventh Street Books - October 15th, 2013

Ellie Stone is a professed modern girl in 1960s' New York City, playing by her own rules and breaking boundaries while searching for a killer among the renowned scholars in Columbia University's Italian Department.
""If you were a man, you'd make a good detective.""
Ellie Stone is sure that Sgt. McKeever meant that as a compliment, but that identity-a girl wanting to do a man's job-has throttled her for too long. It's 1960, and Ellie doesn't want to blaze any trails for women; she just wants to be a reporter, one who doesn't need to swat hands off her behind at every turn.
Adrift in her career, Ellie is back in New York City after receiving news that her estranged father, a renowned Dante scholar and distinguished professor, is near death after a savage bludgeoning in his home. The police suspect a routine burglary, but Ellie has her doubts. When a second attempt is made on her father's life, in the form of an "accident" in the hospital's ICU, Ellie's suspicions are confirmed.
Then another professor turns up dead, and Ellie's investigation turns to her father's university colleagues, their ambitions, jealousies, and secret lives. Ellie embarks on a thorny journey of discovery and reconciliation, as she pursues an investigation that offers her both a chance at redemption in her father's eyes, and the risk of losing him forever.

Alien Research (Alien Novels #8) Cover Image
Unavailable to Order
ISBN: 9780756409432
Availability: Special Order
Published: DAW - December 3rd, 2013

When rumors of a new super-drug surface, the FBI comes to Jeff and Kitty Katt-Martini for help. It becomes quickly apparent that the drug is merely the tip of a deadly iceberg and a much more insidious plan is underway involving Titan Security, Gaultier Enterprises, and YatesCorp.
As newly discovered A-Cs and hybrids begin to surface, each with expanded and deadly talents, more and more signs point to a new evil genius who's using the A-Cs and their enemies both as guinea pigs. Then Area 51 and the Dulce Science Center go silent while Alpha Team, Airborne, and most of the worldwide A-C Security team are there for training. And if that's not bad enough, Centaurion Division is hit with more bad, and deadly, news: Chernobog the Ultimate, isn't a hacker myth, he's a real person -- and he's on the bad guys' side.
Now Kitty and company must find the real Dr. Feelgood and stop him or her before the latest version of Surcenthumain hits the streets and more people they love are harmed, or worse. But when the inconceivable happens, Kitty's focused on two things only: reviving the ACE entity before their enemies realize Earth's best protection isn't actually active...and revenge.

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The Vesuvius Isotope Cover Image
Unavailable to Order
ISBN: 9780989381901
Availability: Special Order
Published: Murder Lab Press - June 26th, 2013

When her Nobel laureate husband is murdered, biologist Katrina Stone can no longer ignore the secrecy that increasingly pervaded his behavior in recent weeks. Her search for answers leads to a two-thousand-year-old medical mystery and the esoteric life of one of history's most enigmatic women. Following the trail forged by her late husband, Katrina must separate truth from legend as she chases medicine from ancient Italy and Egypt to a clandestine modern-day war. Her quest will reveal a legacy of greed and murder and resurrect an ancient plague, introducing it into the twenty-first century.

Abe Lincoln: Public Enemy No. 1 Cover Image
Unavailable to Order
ISBN: 9780989745710
Availability: Special Order
Published: Bill Walker DBA Lowtide Books - October 5th, 2013

When John Wilkes Booth shoots Lincoln with a bullet cursed by the notorious Chicken Man, a local voodoo practitioner, he unwittingly sets in motion a chain of events extending far into the future. Instead of killing Lincoln, the bullet puts the president into a coma for sixty-eight years, his body remaining limber and ageless. When he awakens in 1933, Abe Lincoln is a man out of time, a revered icon...and a political pariah. FDR and J. Edgar Hoover not only do not want him around, they want him to retire. But their plan to be rid of him backfires and Lincoln is on the run, a fugitive from justice. Determined to reach Chicago and retrieve the small fortune left in trust for him by his long-dead son, Lincoln discovers that Hoover has confiscated all his money, leaving him destitute. With Bureau of Investigation agent Melvin Purvis in hot pursuit, Lincoln finds his way to a hobo camp where he befriends a young runaway, who agrees to accompany the former president back to Washington. There Lincoln hopes that Hannah Wheelhouse, the Chicken Man's granddaughter, can help him find the peace he longs for. Then fate deals Lincoln another strange hand when he and the boy end up as hostages to infamous bank robber John Dillinger. Instead of leaving them by the side of the road after the robbery, Dillinger takes a liking to Lincoln and invites him to join the gang, promising him he'll get all his money back. Will Lincoln survive long enough to recapture his fortune and get away, or will he be hunted down in a manner unbefitting a martyred President? In Brian Anthony and Bill Walker's inventive and entertaining novel, history gets a work-out, the action is flat-out, and almost everyone gets rubbed-out!

City of Lost Dreams: A Novel (City of Dark Magic Series #2) Cover Image
Unavailable to Order
ISBN: 9780143123279
Availability: Special Order
Published: Penguin Books - November 26th, 2013

The exhilarating, genre-bending sequel to the sensational "New York Times "bestseller "City of Dark Magic"
"Set in a world where alchemy, magic, and science all work, ["City of Lost Dreams "is] another lively, amusing romantic mystery from the pseudonymous Flyte. . . . Sensual, witty, and sometimes laugh-out-loud funny, set forth in sparkling prose, and inhabited by characters well-worth getting to know. "Wunderbar!""""
--"Kirkus Reviews" (starred review)
In this action-packed sequel to "City of Dark Magic," we find musicologist Sarah Weston in Vienna in search of a cure for her friend Pollina, who is now gravely ill and who may not have much time left. Meanwhile, Nicolas Pertusato, in London in search of an ancient alchemical cure for the girl, discovers an old enemy is one step ahead of him. In Prague, Prince Max tries to unravel the strange reappearance of a long dead saint while being pursued by a seductive red-headed historian with dark motives of her own.
In the city of Beethoven, Mozart, and Freud, Sarah becomes the target in a deadly web of intrigue that involves a scientist on the run, stolen art, seductive pastries, a few surprises from long-dead alchemists, a distractingly attractive horseman who's more than a little bloodthirsty, and a trail of secrets and lies. But nothing will be more dangerous than the brilliant and vindictive villain who seeks to bend time itself. Sarah must travel deep into an ancient mystery to save the people she loves.

Dangerous Seduction: A Nemesis Unlimited Novel Cover Image
Unavailable to Order
ISBN: 9781250015600
Availability: Out of Print
Published: St. Martin's Paperbacks - November 26th, 2013

In Zoe Archer's "Dangerous Seduction," ""Alyce Carr has no time for the strange man in her little Cornwall village, no matter how breathtakingly handsome he is. Life in Trewyn doesn't allow for much fun--the managers of the copper mine barely provide the miners and their families with enough food. Outsiders are suspect and flirts are unimaginable, but Simon Sharpe is as keen as his name...and Alyce can't ignore him for long.

As the founder of Nemesis, Unlimited, Simon Addison-Shawe is well accustomed to disguise and deceit. Yet he's not prepared for Alyce's dogged defense of her people and the injustices the copper mine has dealt them. With Alyce's help he can change the fate of an entire town, and convincing her to join him is only part of the thrill. Together, they ignite a desire in each other much too powerful to deny. But at what cost?

Secondhand Stiff (Odelia Grey Mysteries #8) Cover Image
Unavailable to Order
ISBN: 9780738718880
Availability: Hard to Find
Published: Midnight Ink - December 8th, 2013

While Odelia's visiting and often cantankerous mother might find the corpse in the storage locker entertaining,
it sets Odelia and Greg on a mission to get to the bottom
of a very serious family matter.

Winter's Heat Cover Image
ISBN: 9781466847149
Availability: Available Now
Published: St. Martin's Paperbacks - October 21st, 2013

It’s Downton Abbey, Nemesis-style, in Winter's Heat, an exclusive new novella from award-winning author Zoë Archer

auxiliary Nemesis agent and a former client go undercover as servants
at a country estate during the Christmas season to expose corruption
among London society’s powerful elite. Michael and Ada never thought
they would again be working side by side in the pursuit of justice. Now
that they’re on a case together, the attraction they had once shared
flares to life, making a dangerous assignment even more unpredictable.
Can they take the heat?

Purgatory Key (Del Shannon Novels) Cover Image
Unavailable to Order
ISBN: 9780738723716
Availability: Hard to Find
Published: Midnight Ink - August 8th, 2013

After Lissa Rogers and Kendra Kozak set out on a summer adventure, the two teenagers arrive at Terrebonne Key, an island in the Louisiana bayou rumored to be the location of a legendary treasure. But they aren't alone on the island. Now dangerous fugitives are holding them hostage, and the girls' only hope for survival is investigator Del Shannon.

When Del learns that Lissa is the granddaughter of her former mentor, Louise Lassiter, she decides to take the case. But then Del botches the ransom money drop, and her chances of rescuing Lissa and Kendra grow slim. With time running out, Del teams up with Frank Falconet--an old flame from her past--to find the two girls, and the secret to Terrebonne Key's hidden fortune, before it's too late.

Praise for the Del Shannon series: "The fast-flowing story will engage readers. It's nice to see a woman in control in the leading role."--Kirkus Reviews

"This is a truly exciting plot which makes for a great read. Del is a very strong and competent main character that lovers of suspense, western, and mystery books will absolutely enjoy!"--Suspense Magazine