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Spotlight on local author Terry Ambrose:


Mystery of the Lei Palaoa Cover Image
ISBN: 9781311500915
Availability: Available Now
Published: Smashwords Edition - December 19th, 2015

McKenna and Chance Logan, his PI-wannabe friend, must find a killer in a case with no clues, no evidence, and no witnesses.

While McKenna and Chance enjoy time at Honolulu's newest, trendy coffee shop, a stranger enters. McKenna can't believe the man is wearing an inflammatory T-shirt with a precious necklace reserved for Hawaiian royalty. The barista and store manager accuse the man of disrespecting the Hawaiian culture and the confrontation turns into a brawl. Chance intervenes, but not before the store manager threatens the man.

A short time later, the man is found murdered and the necklace, a lei niho palaoa, is missing. The manager becomes the cops' primary suspect. He asks McKenna and Chance to help prove his innocence.

Join McKenna is this fast-paced "cozy thriller" as he contends with quirky witnesses and a bizarre twist of fate. Mystery of the Lei Palaoa may be McKenna's toughest caper yet because Dead men tell no lies, but the living certainly do.

Con Game Cover Image
ISBN: 9781311055187
Availability: Available Now
Published: Smashwords Edition - October 12th, 2014

Con artist Roxy Tanner just walked away with $2.6 million on her latest job, but left behind a dead body. Skip Cosgrove wants to help Roxy find out who killed her mark, but he has his own problems—a man the former criminologist once helped put behind bars is back for revenge. With the cops closing in on Roxy, and a killer on the hunt for Skip, the last thing they need is a gutsy street kid turning their lives upside down—until it happens. Now, all three must decide how far they will go to survive a killer’s con game.

License to Lie Cover Image
ISBN: 9781310357787
Availability: Available Now
Published: Smashwords Edition - October 12th, 2014

Roxy Tanner has two problems. First, she’s short one last “investor” to complete a $5 million con. Second, her father has disappeared. Skip Cosgrove just found the runaway son of the richest businessmen in San Diego and brought him home safely. That makes Skip a local hero, and Roxy’s next mark. Her plan is to have Skip help find her father and then use his recent success as leverage to bring in the rest of the money she desperately wants.

When Roxy receives a ransom note for exactly the amount of her con, Skip becomes suspicious of his new client. As the stakes mount, Roxy is torn between trusting a man she barely knows and running. One question nags them both: with $5 million and their lives on the line, can a determined criminologist and a beautiful con artist learn to trust each other—or themselves?

Big Island Blues Cover Image
ISBN: 9781310003004
Availability: Available Now
Published: Smashwords Edition - October 28th, 2014

McKenna flies to the Big Island of Hawaii to help find his best friend’s missing niece. No sooner has McKenna’s search begun than he’s got a teenage hacker messing with his investigation, has uncovered deep family secrets, and is caught in the middle of a twenty-year-old plan of revenge. Even worse, everyone he questions is spooked by a 70-year-old Indian curse on a 1942 Martin guitar.

With a killer on the loose and his best friend’s very hot sister pressuring him for results, McKenna’s got more than trouble in paradise, he’s got a volcano ready to blow.

Kauai Temptations Cover Image
ISBN: 9781310930782
Availability: Available Now
Published: Smashwords Edition - October 12th, 2014

Wilson McKenna has never written a bad check in his life. So how did he end up with $4,000 in returned checks from an island he’s never been to? Now, the bank wants their money and he’s determined to track down the crook who's ruining his life. Before you can say “aloha,” he’s nearly arrested for impersonating himself, the woman who trashed his credit is dead, and he feels like he’s up to his ‘umi’umi in hot lava. McKenna had better watch out—some temptations can get you killed.

Photo Finish Cover Image
ISBN: 9780985954000
Availability: Available Now
Published: Smashwords Edition - July 22nd, 2012

Wilson McKenna’s newest tenant is hot, gives great hugs, and just saw a dead body being thrown from a plane. McKenna’s not one to get involved in other people’s problems, especially those of a woman half his age, but before he knows it he’s volunteered to find the plane and its owner—and found more trouble than he’s ever seen in his life. He’s uncovered an island drug ring, pissed off a sociopath, and set himself up as the victim in a beautiful woman’s con that could cost him his life.
If only trouble didn’t have such great legs.



From the Big Island to Kauai, the far side of Maui to the bustling streets of Honolulu, experience paradise in all its glory...and darkness. This collection of ten stories brings out the beauty of the islands, the passion of the tropics, and, yes, murder. Join ten writers who love the islands and want you to savor the tropics while benefiting literacy in Hawaii. Join Terry Ambrose, JoAnn Bassett, Gail Baugniet, Frankie Bow, Lorna Collins (editor), Kay Hadashi, Laurie Hanan, Jill Marie Landis, AJ Llewellyn, Toby Neal, and CW Schutter for Paradise, Passion, Murder. All proceeds from the sales of this book benefit Read Aloud America and support literacy in Hawaii.