Stellar Events

Being a part of your literary community means offering more than just great books. Mysterious Galaxy is committed to regular in-store events with authors, book discussion groups, and other special events and celebrations.

San Diego author Brian S. Leon’s writing incorporates a variety of his skills and interests, which include mythology and fishing, in pursuit of which he has explored jungles and museums, oceans and seas all over the world. His reading pantheon ranges from Homer and Jules Verne to more modern writers like J.R.R. Tolkien, David Morrell and Jim Butcher. The seeds of his immortal warrior, Diomedes, can be found in the Iliad. Diomedes’ eternal life, spent in eternal battle, is documented in Havoc Rising, the first in the Guardian Chronicles, Brian’s debut novel.

Our San Diego Storefront will be closed on Saturday, July 4, in observance of Independence Day.

The staff will be relaxing with friends and family and fireworks ... and books!

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A selection of books that go on sale this week, most on Tuesday June 7th.              

Check with staff if you have questions.  You can also purchase many of the below in eBook format. Just click the title to see if an eBook is available for that title. (Thanks to Kobo, most ebooks are now available for pre-sale.)               

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Signed titles may arrive later in the month. Contact the staff to reserve a copy.

Established in 1968, the Clarion Writers’ Workshop is the oldest workshop of its kind and is widely recognized as a premier proving and training ground for aspiring writers of fantasy and science fiction. As we do each summer, we will be hosting many of the visiting instructors at our store. James Patrick Kelly’s Twitter bio proclaims him to be “The most famous science fiction writer you’ve never heard of.” The award-winning author will discuss his decades in speculative fiction publishing, podcasting, and magazines.

Comic-Con International: San Diego began in 1970 when a group of comics, movie, and science fiction fans banded together to put on the first comic book convention in southern California. Forty-four years later, it’s become the pop culture convention, and a favorite part of MG’s summer!

Launch Party and Open House at Empty Set Entertainment! Alive by New York Times best-selling novelist Scott Sigler offers savagery, survival, and hard-hitting suspense with a strong female character. Entrepreneurs, by definition, try new things quite a lot. Taking a new path into an established market worked to get Scott his first Big Five publishing contract with Crown/Random House, and taking a chance on publishing The Rookie in hardcover was the first step towards what is now Empty Set Studios, the event venue. Please email to get address and other details.

Meet and enjoy a wine tasting with Victoria Laurie at Bacchus in Manhattan Beach. Our fun afternoon begins at 5:00pm and includes a copy of Victoria's new book Sense of Deception, wine and snacks, and some insights into your own life. Each ticket gives you the opportunity to ask Victoria one question about your life or loved ones. Victoria is a gifted psychic and you will enjoy getting to know her through the questions asked and her sensitive and intuitive answers.

Join us for the launch party of Mary Pearson latest novel! Heart of Betrayal is the latest installment in her Remnant Chronicles. Kiss of Deception left Lia and Rafe as captives in the barbarian kingdom of Venda. With little chance of escaping or of ever seeing each other again, they desperately plan an escape. But wrestling with her upbringing, her gift, and her very sense of self, Lia will have to make powerful choices that affect her country, her people, and her own destiny.