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10/26/2012 7:30 pm
10/26/2012 8:30 pm
Author and face painter Tina Connolly’s debut fantasy, Ironskin, explores the traditions of Victorian gothics, with a particular nod to Jane Eyre, and layers the issues of class, romance, and deception with the additional complications of a war with the fey. Romantic Times said, “This lyrical and utterly marvelous debut is one of the standout books of the year.” And Maryelizabeth is a fan as well. Her review is on this page.   

Ironskin (Hardcover)

ISBN-13: 9780765330598
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Published: Tor Books, 10/2012

Jane Eliot was scarred by fey magic during the war that took her brother’s life five years ago. Now she wears an iron mask over her curse-marked face, lest the exposed flesh arouse anger in those exposed to it, as do other “ironskins” whose curses vary, but all of whom seek to suppress them. Jane takes a position as a governess to a special child, who bears no fey scars, but is clearly touched by the magic. From the heroine’s name to her circumstances working in a mysterious house in the English countryside with a secretive master and a forbidden room in the attic, Ironskin celebrates Bronte’s classic tale without being a pastiche or mash-up. Ironskin is also likely to appeal to steampunk fans, as the humans strive to replace the magical devices they received from the fey in times more congenial to technology. Meet Tina at MGRB in October!

– Maryelizabeth

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