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Delaney Nichols has settled into her new job and her new home in Scotland; she enjoys her adopted family. When Delaney and cabdriver Elias, her landlord, drive to Castle Doune to meet a costumed contact and pick up a comic book compilation, they find their contact dead. Without much thought for consequences, Delaney secrets the manuscript under her coat. Bad idea. She was told her contact was the son of an old friend of her boss Edwin, who died in a fire. Then Gordon — definitely not dead — walks into the Cracked Spine insisting Edwin tell him why and how his son died. Returning to the scene of the crime with boyfriend Tom and his father, Delaney finds two more clues. Always inquisitive, she begins to poke into the life of the murder victim, a William Wallace impersonator, as well as his not-so-dead father's relationship with her boss. Does the death have something to do with her boss and his mysterious past? Does it have to do with the reenactments? What is the meaning of the capital letters SPEC that appear to connect Edwin to the dead man? What does the dead man have to do with three college students, Edwin included, and the woman connected to them? Rumors of a death surround the group. Questions. Questions. Questions. She needs answers before she ends up with more dead bodies. This is a lively book populated by likable characters and many surprises. – Guest Reviewer Sandra Hale

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Delaney Nichols has settled so comfortably into her new life in Edinburgh that she truly feels it's become more home than her once beloved Kansas. Her job at the Cracked Spine, a bookshop that specializes in rare manuscripts as well as other sundry valuable historical objects, is everything she had dreamed, with her new boss, Edwin MacAlister, entrusting her more and more with bigger jobs. Her latest task includes a trip to Castle Doune, a castle not far out of Edinburgh, to retrieve a hard-to-find edition of an old Scottish comic, an "Oor Wullie," in a cloak and dagger transaction that Edwin has orchestrated.
While taking in the sights of the distant Highlands from the castle's ramparts, Delaney is startled when she spots a sandal-clad foot at the other end of the roof. Unfortunately, the foot's owner is very much dead and, based on the William Wallace costume he's wearing, perfectly matches the description of the man who was supposed to bring the Oor Wullie. As Delaney rushes to call off some approaching tourists and find the police, she comes across the Oor Wullie, its pages torn and fluttering around a side wall of the castle. Instinct tells her to take the pages and hide them under her jacket. It's not until she returns to the Cracked Spine that she realizes just how complicated this story is and endeavors to untangle the tricky plot of why someone wanted this man dead, all before getting herself booked for murder.

About the Author

PAIGE SHELTON had a nomadic childhood as her father's job as a football coach took the family to seven different towns before she was even twelve years old. After college at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa, she moved to Salt Lake City where she thought she'd only stay a few years, but she fell in love with the mountains and a great guy who became her husband. After a couple of decades in Utah, she and her family recently moved to Arizona. She is the author of Of Books and Bagpipes.
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ISBN: 9781250057495
ISBN-10: 1250057493
Publisher: Minotaur Books
Publication Date: April 4th, 2017
Pages: 320
Language: English
Series: Scottish Bookshop Mystery