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Carrying on a family tradition of military service is the only future Kerida Nast wants. But her psychic abilities put an end to that dream and rip her from her family because Talents “belong” to the Halls. After resisting this new path, Kerida realizes she can to learn to use her skills or face a bleak future. Just as she’s begins to apply herself, the brutal Halians cut a bloody path across the empire hunting “witches” to end “rule of women.” Kerida’s thrust into violence and surrounded by questionable allies. Halls of Law tells the story of this reluctant heroine with rich world-building, uncomfortably recognizable gender-based political issues wrapped up in a prophecy that makes this journeyman's tale stand apart. Escalda pulls the best elements of the genre to anchor her story firmly on the adventurous side. The magic system isn’t unusual, but its application in this world as the Rule of Law is unique and excellently weaves its threads for a unique beginning of a new series. –  Guest Reviewer Ro

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Now in paperback, the first book in the Faraman Prophecy epic fantasy series introduces a world of military might and magical Talents on the brink of destruction--and two unlikely heroes may be its only saviors.

Seventeen-year-old Kerida Nast has always wanted a career in the military, just like the rest of her family. So when her Talent is discovered, and she knows she'll have to spend the rest of her life as a psychic for the Halls of Law, Ker isn't happy about it. Anyone entering the Halls must give up all personal connection with the outside world, losing their family and friends permanently.

But just as Kerida is beginning to reconcile herself to her new role, the Faraman Polity is invaded by strangers from Halia, who begin a systematic campaign of destruction against the Halls, killing every last Talent they can find.

Kerida manages to escape, falling in with Tel Cursar, a young soldier fleeing the battle, which saw the deaths of the royal family. Having no obvious heir to the throne, no new ruler to rally behind, the military leaders will be divided, unable to act quickly enough to save the empire. And with the Halls being burned to the ground, and the Talents slaughtered, the Rule of Law will be shattered.

About the Author

V. M. Escalada lives in a nineteenth-century limestone farmhouse in southeastern Ontario with her husband. Born in Canada, her cultural background is half Spanish and half Polish, which makes it interesting at meal times. Her most unusual job was translating letters between lovers, one of whom spoke only English, the other only Spanish.
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ISBN: 9780756409357
ISBN-10: 0756409357
Publisher: Daw Books
Publication Date: August 7th, 2018
Pages: 464
Language: English
Series: Faraman Prophecy