Wingless (Paperback)

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When her mentor goes inexplicably missing, gargoyle cadet Tiffany Noboru and her best friend Hedika Greene put their ghost hunting skills to the test in a harrowing journey across the world of gargoyles. To find him, they must brave what lies outside the Hollow Mountain and beyond the protection of their walls, but avoiding ghosts on the Endless See is only the beginning. Strange and dangerous creatures roam the blighted landscape between their home and their uncharted destination, the gargoyle sanctuary of Freefall, whose dying populace guards a terrible secret about her own world that some are willing to do anything to protect.

About the Author

Better Hero Army is the (really cool) pen name of American author Evan Ramspott. Under the Better Hero Army name, Evan writes about zombies, gargoyles, fairies, aliens, and pretty much anything that doesn't belong in the mainstream (i.e., he writes about cool stuff). He has a really cool website at, he sometimes posts on Twitter @BetterHeroArmy, and he tries to drop pictures of cool things that inspire him over on Pinterest.
Product Details
ISBN: 9780692584088
ISBN-10: 0692584080
Publisher: Better Hero Army
Publication Date: November 15th, 2016
Pages: 408
Language: English