Business to Business

Spark Enterprise is the Business Division of Mysterious Galaxy.

Spark brings renowned business authors to your organization, delivering front-row access to thought leadership, insight, and leading-edge research. 


Spark creates a fresh and unique perspective for your company’s most important resource ... your people. Connecting organizations to leading authors is a powerful combination, and it keeps your business performing at its peak. 


  • Exclusive and ongoing access to today’s thought leaders
  • Invigorates your leadership team and organization
  • Gives your business a competitive edge
  • Customized to your demand and culture
  • Turnkey service makes it simple and consistent
  • Expert speakers at a surprising low cost

By providing your company front-row access to expert authors -- in your offices --  on your schedule. 

  • Spark has exclusive access -- which means that you have exclusive access to the most prominent authors at their most relevant time. You know what that means? Bragging rights! These authors are just out with a new book, and your employees get to learn from the author and read the book, before your competitors even see it on the shelves!
  • Content and speakers are tailored to your company’s needs. We listen to your goals, challenges and issues, and serve up the right fit.
  • Cost effective -- you’re not paying for travel, housing, or hefty conference fees. As many people as you want can attend, making your cost-per-head minimal.

Spark Events come in many formats, like brown bag lunches, early breakfasts, content modules within a company meeting, employee trainings, off-sites, and conferences. The format is flexible to fit best with your culture. They can be one time events -- but we recommend a Spark Series that will keep you apprised of the upcoming available authors. 

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Purchase Books at a Discount

If you would like to give away books or use them for internal training, you can purchase books at a discount up to 30%. The actual discount depends on the quantity ordered. Books will be drop shipped to you directly from the publisher and we will invoice you at the agreed upon price after you receive the books. Sales tax will be added to the net price of the books purchased. No deposit is required.

You may not purchase books through this program for resale.