2013 Newsletters

Loyalty Loot Launches!

We are revamping our Loyalty League and you are going to love it! Beginning on your first visit on January 2, 2013, or later, we will keep track of your purchases throughout the year. In November each year, all Loyalty League members will receive $10 in Loyalty Loot – our special Loyalty League gift certificates - for every $100 purchased. You have the option of keeping the gift certificates for yourself or sharing as a gift. And there is no expiration date! The best part – our Loyalty League is still completely free! No membership fees in this galaxy.  Ask anyone of our booksellers for more information.

We publish our newsletters in hard copy; every edition is available at both store locations and also in pdf format on our website. This page has links to all of our 2013 newsletters.

There are new pages of reviews and loads of events in every newsletter. To look at any newsletter on-line, click the pdf file below.

We are always happy to send print newsletters to you. Just contact the store to be added to the mailing list. (There is a small annual charge to cover postage and mailing costs.)

Remember, if you cannot attend an event, we would be happy to reserve a signed book for you -- just contact the staff.

Emailed versions of previous newsletters are available upon request.

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