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ISBN: 9781250065803
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Minotaur Books - December 15th, 2015

The first thing readers learn about Theophania Bogart is her present life, 5000 miles from home, is a lie.  When she witnesses Tim Callahan take a dive from a third story window, Theo’s already complicated new life comes under intense scrutiny.   Surrounded by neighbors and friends, Theo is the owner of a small bath and body shop as well as the building housing it.  And she is constantly afraid her sordid past will be unearthed.  What will a police investigation do to her carefully crafted identity?  Inspector Lichlyter isn’t helping.  The police woman suspects murder not suicide and she lists the entire neighborhood as suspects.  When another body with direct ties to Theo turns up, Theo fears she is suspect number one.  She is afraid for herself as well as Davie, the teenager who helps around her shop as his home life is shady.  Theo finds a strange man in her house, strange boxes in her garage which are stolen, and gets a new renter at the worst possible time.  This fast paced book is filled with humor, action, and colorful characters.  If you like a good mystery, a feisty heroine, and laughter pick up this wacky mystery and savor it. A Minotaur Books/Mystery Writers of America First Crime Novel Award-winning novel. – Guest Reviewer Sandra Hale

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ISBN: 9780316309677
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Hachette Books - January 5th, 2016

I have not read such a compelling novel in a while! A three-month-old baby girl is the sole survivor of a plane crash in the Swiss Alps on December 23, 1980. Two female infants were on board and all four parents perished in the fiery crash. Is the miracle baby Lyse-Rose, the granddaughter of multi-millionaire Léonce de Carville, or Emilie, the granddaughter of Pierre Vitral, the poor owner of a traveling food truck? Neither has spent much time if any with their infant granddaughter, and in 1980, DNA genetic testing was still in the early stages. Circumstantial evidence places her with the Vitrals, but Léonce and his wife, Mathilde, never give up and hire private detective Crédule Grand Duke to solve the mystery. After failing to do so, Grand Duke has decided to shoot himself at midnight on the so-called Emilie’s eighteenth birthday. A new clue suddenly comes to him that changes everything. This story of two decades of mystery, secret love, and murder is a hugely enjoyable adventure.  – Bunny

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